Why Using Shapewear Will Change Your Life

Shapewear and body shapers are those stretchy undergarments that are designed to make you look slimmer while helping you instantly go down a couple dress sizes.

September 15. 2022- 5 min. read 

Shapewear and body shapers are those stretchy undergarments that are designed to make you look slimmer while helping you instantly go down a couple dress sizes. They have seen a surge in popularity in recent years because of how much some brands can transform you. Women love how they can make their bodies look smaller and firmer under cocktail dresses, work clothes, or even simple jeans.

When worn properly, the right shapewear can give you a massive confidence boost, especially when you can suddenly rock dresses you couldn’t fit in before. That said, shapewear and body shapers are not some sort of magical garments. For the best results, you need to get your size right. This explains why the most important thing when it comes to shapewear is getting the right size for your body type.

Correctly sized shapewear should not be too tight. If you are planning to buy shapewear, be sure to do a quick hip and waist measurement to ensure that whatever you buy is the right size for you.

Getting the right fit is the only way your shapewear will look good on you. So it is very important to be realistic when buying shapewear. While they are designed to make you look a little smaller, choosing a smaller size of shapewear will not make you fit into a smaller dress. Instead, it will have the reverse effect of making you look bigger because of the bulges that will result from squeezing yourself into it, and it will also be very uncomfortable to move around in.

Here are a few other things you need to look for when buying your next shapewear:

Comfort Galore!

Great shapewear needs to strike the right balance between comfort and control. You are going to be wearing them for a large part of your day; they absolutely need to check this box.

Outfit Accenting

The right shapewear will elevate any outfit in your wardrobe. If you have that gorgeous dress that you simply cannot wait to show off, this is exactly what you need to give yourself the ultimate confidence boost and look even more stunning as you do.

Stays in Place All Day!

What makes most shapewear brands so frustrating to have on is the fact that they never stay in place. The longer you have them on, the more they’ll roll up or down, messing up your entire silhouette. When buying your next shapewear, this should be one of the things you consider.

Made For Women of Every Body Type

Sometimes, depending on your body type, it can be rather difficult to find high-quality shapewear that’s made just for you. Many body shapers are not designed for all body types. An easy way to ensure that your next shapewear will fit you well is to check the available sizing options. If they go all the way to 5XL, they are probably designed to fit a wide spectrum of body shapes and sizes.

Breathable Soft Fabric!

This is yet another important thing to look for when buying shapewear. You want the fabric to be breathable and soft. It should almost feel like a second skin, ensuring that you’ll barely notice that you have it on. Additionally, it should come with moisture-wicking capabilities which will guarantee that it never gets wet and sweaty, meaning you can go about your day enjoying the comfort and confidence that come with having them on!

Your Thighs Won’t Get Chafed!

If you have thick thighs, you understand this issue too well. Chafing occurs as a result of friction from skin-on-skin rubbing on any part of your body, but most commonly between your thighs. A long day of moving around will leave your thighs feeling chaffed, making your skin sting, burn, or develop a rash. With quality body shapers that are designed for comfort, they will prevent chaffing by reducing friction and preventing moisture buildup. Plus, when the fabric is 100% non-irritating, you can enjoy wearing them for hours!

5 reader thoughts about this shapewear:

Claire Smith

"I must say I'm very impressed with how these fit! Usually shape wear is difficult to get into and by the time you're in them you want to get out of them... That's not the case with these! They are amazing! A confidence boost every time I use them."

Victoria Salamanca

“Someone finally got body shapers right! I love how comfortable and breathable this shaper is, and I’m amazed at how well it works! No more lumps and rolls AND I can sit down, move, work etc etc. It really smooths everything out so you DO look slimmer.”

Nicole King

“I’ll be honest: I have always avoided shape wear over the years because of the discomfort. I don’t think it’s worth it wearing something uncomfortable that you can’t move or breathe in. Well, I ordered the 4x to wear under my dress for my wedding and I just loved how it both fit nicely and smoothed me out. No struggling using the restroom, either! Highly recommend.”

Pamela Whitney

“Bought these after 2 other shapers that I had to peel off my body after almost passing out on the way to my dress fitting. I was pleasantly surprised at how well these hold in your rolls while still allowing your organs to remain where they need to be. No unobstructed breathing anymore. My only regret is that I did not buy them sooner!”

Sandra Parrish

“So this is how shapewear is supposed to feel like! All my life I have had to make do with shapers that are so uncomfortable you can’t wait to take them off. I barely remember I have these on as I go about my day. Now I can wear shapewear all day every day without thinking I might die! Bought 5 pairs in size 3x. No regrets. Thank you so much!