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    Do you need to use shapewear?

    Body shapers and shapewear are designed to make you look slimmer by helping you go down a dress size or two. They are very versatile and can be worn with cocktail dresses, work clothes, or even simple jeans. Because of their surge in popularity in recent years, they have become a must-have wardrobe item for every woman, no matter what size or body type they have.

    For the best results, it is important to get your shapewear in the correct size. When your shapewear fits you, it will accent all the right curves while hiding anything that’s not too flattering, creating a gorgeous silhouette that will give you a massive confidence boost.

    Here are a few other things you need to look for when buying your next shapewear:

    Comfort is key

    Your shapewear should strike a balance between comfort and control. You are going to be wearing them for a large part of your day; they absolutely need to check this box.


    The fabric of your shapewear also needs to be breathable and soft. Ideally, you want it to almost feel like a second skin, which ensures that you’ll barely notice you have it on. Additionally, it should come with moisture-wicking capabilities which will guarantee that it never gets wet and sweaty, meaning you can go about your day enjoying the comfort and confidence that come with having them on!

    Goes well with your outfits

    When choosing your next shapewear, try to ask yourself what outfits in your wardrobe you’d like to pair it with. Good quality shapewear will elevate any outfit in your wardrobe. They are exactly what you need to give yourself the ultimate confidence boost and look even more stunning as you step out in that gorgeous dress that you’ve always wanted to show off.

    Stays in place

    Most shapewear brands will not stay in place once you have them on, which can be rather frustrating. A lot of times, the longer you have the shapewear on, the more it rolls up or down, which messes up your entire silhouette. When buying your next shapewear, this should be one of the things you consider. 

    Right for your body type

    Depending on your body type, it can be quite hard to find high-quality shapewear that’s made just for you. Most brands are not designed for all body types. An easy way to ensure that your next shapewear will fit you well is to check the available sizing options. If they go all the way to 5XL, they are probably designed to fit a wide spectrum of body shapes and sizes.

    Your thighs won’t get chafed!

    Chafing occurs as a result of friction from skin-on-skin rubbing on any part of your body. However, one of the most affected areas is between your thighs. For a lot of women, it is not uncommon for a long day of activity to leave their thighs feeling chaffed, with a stinging or burning sensation.

    Sometimes, you may even develop a rash in the area. With quality body shapers that are designed for comfort, they will prevent chaffing by reducing friction and preventing moisture buildup. Plus, when the fabric is 100% non-irritating, you can enjoy wearing them for hours!

    "Bought to keep my belly in place. I've lost a lot of weight and needed to keep extra skin from jiggling for a special event. This was perfect. I didn't feel constricted. It was light weight and I didn't sweat in it. Washes well and I've worn it several times."

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