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    The Indestructible Stockings - 10D

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    Will my tights really make it through the day?

    The answer is YES—the hype is real.

    That’s right, it’s finally time to say goodbye to drugstore tights.
    Over 2 billion pairs of pantyhose are thrown away each year. Tights shouldn’t be trash, so we’re replacing them with a strong and long-lasting knit that can be reworn, again and again.


    You can stretch and twist our tights as much as you like and they won't break. You'd have to be the Hulk to tear a hole through these things.
    Made of high quality material to keep you comfortable throughout your daily life. 
     High Waist and Run Resistant
    Comfort and elastic high waistband keep them from slipping down.
    With our durable tights you will definitely save a lot of money.
     Great Solution to Save Our Planet


    The numbers are clear, women buy an average of 15 to 18 pairs of tights per year, which amounts to 180 million tights thrown in trash per year in united states, being non-recyclable, it will definitely impacts our planet not to mention that our product is cruelty free.

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