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    How to Tape Sagging Breasts

    How to Tape Sagging Breasts

    Feeling like gravity is getting the best of your girls? You're not alone! Sagging breasts are a natural occurrence as we age, lose elasticity, or see changes post-breastfeeding. While some view sagging as just part of womanhood, others want to perk up their chest for a confidence boost or better fit in clothes.

    Enter boob tape - an ace method for providing temporary lift and shape to saggy breasts. With the right tape products and taping technique, you can give your breasts the perky profile you crave. Ready to get uplifted? Let's do this!

    Why Breasts Sag

    To understand how tape can counteract breast sag, it helps to know what causes it in the first place. Here are the main culprits behind drooping breasts:

    • Aging - Over time, your skin loses elasticity from the breakdown of collagen and elastin. This allows breasts to droop and flatten.
    • Weight changes - Gaining or losing significant weight can impact breast elasticity and cause sagging.
    • Pregnancy - Full milk glands swell and expand breast tissue, sometimes permanently stretching the supportive ligaments.
    • Gravity - The natural pull of gravity on the heavy mass of breast tissue leads to eventual drooping.
    • Genetics - Some women are simply predisposed to greater breast sagging due to hereditary factors.

    While breast sagging is normal, it can still be annoying aesthetically and physically as it strains breast skin. Taping offers a reversible and commitment-free way to lift those ladies back up where you want them!

    Choosing Tapes for Sagging Breasts

    All tapes are not created equal when it comes to battling breast sag. Here are my top tape recommendations:

    Medical Tape

    The ultra strong adhesive and supportive stretch of medical tapes make them ideal for lifting sagging breasts. Brands like Micropore work well.

    Kinesiology Tape

    Designed for muscles, kinesio tape has flexible stretch that allows you to comfortably tape sagging breasts without restricting movement.

    Boob Tape

    Purpose-made for breasts, specialized boob tapes like the BSX Boob Tape grip skin gently while providing a customizable lift. They come in both disposable strips or reusable rolls.

    Gaffer's Tape

    The thick cotton backing and vigorous adhesive on gaffer's tape is perfect for seriously sagging breasts that need major lift assistance.

    No matter what tape you select, be sure to test a small strip first to make sure it adheres well without irritation. Avoid latex tapes if you have sensitivities.

    Pre-Taping Prep Work

    Proper prep is vital for getting tapes to stick and lift sagging breasts. Follow these pre-taping steps:

    • Cleanse skin thoroughly and allow to fully dry. Tape won't adhere well to moist skin. We talk more about this in our guide on boob tape for sensitive skin.
    • Apply nipple covers if desired for modesty and comfort.
    • Lightly powder under breast area to absorb oil and sweat.
    • If breasts are very heavy, do a round of medical tape under and around each breast to provide support. Check out how this works in our article on how to use boob tape for big boobs
    • Stretch breasts upward gently with your hands to mimic desired lifted shape before applying tape.

    Now you're ready to start taping those puppies skyward!

    Taping Techniques for Saggy Breasts

    The key to taping saggy breasts is understanding proper positioning and application techniques:

    • Anchor tape at top of breast first, just above where you want the "new" breast to start.
    • Apply tape strips from anchor point down under breasts, pulling up gently as you smooth.
    • Focus most tape under breasts in supportive hammock or sling shape to lift from below.
    • For extremely saggy breasts, use interlocking "X" strips of tape below each breast for added support.
    • Place tape inward from tops of breasts to draw them up and in for enhanced cleavage.
    • Extend tape onto ribcage at sides and onto upper back to help anchor lift.
    • Use multiple thinner tape strips for better contouring rather than a few wide pieces.
    • Gently massage taped breasts upward to help adhesive mold lift and hold shape.

    For more details, check out our guides on how to use boob tape and how to tape up boobs

    how to tape sagging breasts

    Dressing for Success with Taped Breasts

    The right outfits complement your taped-up breasts beautifully:

    • Plunging styles flatter lifted cleavage. Look for tops and dresses with built-in support. Read more in our article on how to tape breasts for cleavage
    • Backless and halter styles show off tape results. Strapless bandeaus pair perfectly with taped breasts.
    • Shelf-bra camisoles offer light coverage with no interference to taping.
    • Structured cups provide an inner "sling" to keep taped breasts front and center.
    • For the best hold, wear silky, stretchy, low friction fabrics so tape won't loosen or peel up.

    Avoid thick, rough fabrics or tops with substantial friction or hardware that could displace the tape.

    Additional Taping Tips and Precautions

    • Check your taping under different lighting to ensure natural, smooth shaping - no bumps or ridges!
    • Reinforce tape adhesion with adhesive nipple covers and boob glue for added lift. Find out exactly how to do this in our guide on how to tape your breasts to look bigger
    • Bring an emergency boob tape kit for taping touch ups on the go: tape, wipes, nipple covers, etc.
    • Avoid getting tape area wet as moisture will compromise adhesive grip quickly.
    • Change tape daily to avoid skin irritation and allow skin to breathe. We talk about this in greater detail in our articles "Is boob tape reusable" and "Is boob tape safe".
    • Remove tape slowly and carefully at end of wear time to avoid damaging skin. Read more in our guide on how to remove boob tape
    • Avoid strenuous exercise and activities causing heavy sweating while taped.

    Final Thoughts

    Using boob tape is an easy, affordable, and effective way to provide temporary lift and perk to sagging breasts. With the right products and techniques, you can enjoy the confidence boost of appearing firmer and fuller up top. Just be kind to your skin by giving it breaks from tape, and enjoy those uplifted girls!

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