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    How to choose the right shapewear

    How to choose the right shapewear

    Shapewear is an undergarment designed to accentuate the wearer’s body shape, helping them achieve a smooth figure. Shapewear or foundation garment comes in a variety of styles meant to contour the body. 

    In recent years, shapewear has become very popular and is available in a seemingly endless array of styles and fabrics. But how do you decide which shapewear will work best for your body and wardrobe?

    This article is a guide that will help you choose the best shapewear for you.  

    Pick the right size

    When getting shapewear, you have to go for the right size. Before you pick a size, you should take your body measurements into account, as well as your clothing sizes. If you are between sizes, you could round up to get more breathing room, or round down for more contour. That said, you should try to get the perfect fit. 

    • Too small: shapewear that is too small is uncomfortable. Putting on garments that are too tight can also lead to issues with circulation and your nerves. This may result in discomfort and swelling. 
    • Too big: shapewear that is too big doesn’t have the risks involved with tighter garments. However, it won’t do its job. Instead, it will create bumps and lines under your garment.
    • Right fit: shapewear that fits ensures that everything is silky smooth. It is comfortable and not too restricting.   

    Pick the right shaping level

    You should also pick the right shaping level. This refers to the compression and how smooth the fit is. The shaping or compression level usually varies from brand to brand. The compression levels of shapewear are:

    • Light: light compression is the best option if you are looking for subtle change and all-day comfort. It is also the best option for first-timers who aren’t used to shapewear. 
    • Medium: it is also possible to wear medium compression all day if you are used to shapewear. However, first-timers may find wearing them for extended periods a bit uncomfortable.
    • Firm: firm compression is the best body shaper if you are looking for extreme contour. It defines your silhouette and accentuates your curves.

    Pick the right style

    Shapewear isn't just high-waisted shorts. There are lots of styles and designs of shapewear. Different types of shapewear go with different clothing items and offer different effects. It is therefore important to choose the right style based on what you want to wear and contour.

    • Arm shapers: these contour your arms and help them look smooth under a shirt with fitted sleeves or a work blouse.
    • Shorts: waist trainer shapewear shorts come in different heights and lengths. High waist shapewear such as high waist shaper panties help to contour your waist and tummy. These include slimming waist trainers for women which help define the curves from above the waist to the hips. Longer varieties help contour your thighs.        
    • Strapless options: Women's corset tops allow you to look elegant in strapless or off the shoulder outfits. Strapless shapewear options include; a lace corset top for a light outfit, a black corset top for a black outfit, or leather corset top for firm compression.    
    • Tights, leggings and jeggings: these options work great with dresses to contour your legs. 
    • Full body options: full body shapewear options include full body waist trainers, full body corsets, shaper bodysuits among others. These often cover from your bust to your backside. You can choose between shorts, thong, or panty-style shapewear depending on how much you want to contour your backside. 

    Pick the right material

    Shapewear comes in a variety of materials, ranging from cotton to spandex. Different materials serve different purposes. Materials such as nylon and spandex are good at heat retention, hence they can help you stay warm. 

    Breathable options such as cotton and microfiber help to keep you chill in warmer weather. They also wick moisture away, leaving you comfortable. 

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