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    Who doesn’t want to look slim and desirable? While you’ve to work hard to get rid of that bulging fat, you can certainly attain that hourglass figure as long as you wear a waist trainer!

    At Body SculptorX, shop for women’s waist trainers and sauna pants at the best prices online. Designed to hide ugly weight and accentuate sweat spots, the benefits outweigh reservations one may be holding on to. Bag it now!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • 1. Do waist trainer shorts really work?

      The waist trainer shorts support your health goals if they are worn while working out. There is no scientific evidence supporting any overnight positive results. The perspiration only releases insignificant amounts of toxins.


      However, women’s waist trainers create an instant slimming effect that makes you look fit and healthy.

    • 2. How long should I wear body and waist trainers?

      Generally, body and waist trainers are worn on average 7-8 hours for weeks or months. Of course, they do not work alone. Wear it while exercising plus eat good food as well. Your lifestyle practices make a notable difference in your weight and overall health.

    • 3. Can I wear the waist trainers while sleeping?

      No. Neither we recommend nor the medical fraternity. The waist trainer activewear compresses the skin around your waist which may trigger acid reflux and affect your digestive system. Avoid them while eating and sleeping.

    • 4. How do waist trainers benefit women?

      A typical full-body and waist trainer is designed to support women in their health and fitness goals.

      Waist trainers help women

      • Attain the hourglass figure instantly
      • Get rid of excess mass around their stomach, back, and hips
      • Correct their sitting posture
      • Gain confidence in their physical beauty

      Be aware that the waist trainers’ results are temporary. They last as long as you wear them.

    • 5. How to buy the right size of waist trainers?

      Finding the right size of waist trainers starts with measuring the size of your waist. Use a measuring tape to do that. Do not buy one size up or down. Buy what fits you right. Also, be wary of your body shape.

      Do click on the size chart for more information. Even if you order the wrong size, we have a 30-days refund policy.

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