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    How to Tape Breasts for Cleavage

    How to Tape Breasts for Cleavage

    Want to rock deep, dazzling cleavage, but weren't blessed with bombshell boobs? No prob! With the right tape products and taping technique, you can easily fake fabulous-looking cleavage.

    Consider this your top-secret guide to taping your breasts for maximum wow-factor. Let's kick cleavage up a notch!

    Cleavage Goals

    First, envision your ideal cleavage look:

    • Maximum drama? Tape for plunging, pushed-together cleavage. Find out how in our guide on how to tape up boobs
    • Subtle enhancement? Lift and nudge breasts inward slightly.
    • Boost bust size? Tape breasts higher and wider. We cover this in greater detail in our article on how to tape your breasts to look bigger
    • Improve breast shape? Tape to minimize sagging or flatten. For more info on how to do this correctly, check out our article on how to tape sagging breasts

    Having cleavage goals helps inform the taping strategy - time to gather supplies!

    Taping Materials for Cleavage

    • Medical or athletic tape - Gentle but super sticky for lift.
    • Boob tape, such as the BSX Boob Tape, which are made for breasts so easy to remove.
    • Gaffer's or duct tape - Strongest hold for drama.
    • Double-sided fashion tape - Joins breasts together.
    • Nipple covers - Prevent irritation and help hold tape.
    • Powder - For grip and sweat absorption.

    If you are wondering what is boob tape, we have a guide to help you understand exactly that! Try to avoid latex or bandage tapes if you have sensitivities. Never use harsh industrial tapes on skin! Read more in our guide to boob tape for sensitive skin.

    Cleavage Taping Tips and Techniques

    Follow these step-by-step instructions for gorgeous taped cleavage. For more details, check out our detailed guide on how to use boob tape:


    • Cleanse and fully dry breast skin. Moisture impedes adhesion.
    • Apply nipple covers if desired for comfort and shaping.
    • Lightly powder breasts, especially underneath. Helps tape grip and stay put.


    • Anchor tape at top of breast, just above desired cleavage line.
    • Apply strips from top down in inward direction, pressing firmly to adhere.
    • Focus most of tape underneath breasts in supportive lifting motion.

    Cleavage Creation

    • Place vertical tape strips at center of breasts, pulling in and up as you smooth.
    • Apply strips from top center inward toward nipples to draw breasts together.
    • For maximum cleavage, press breasts together and tape horizontally across cleavage valley.
    • Use fashion tape like tit tape to help hold shape.

    Finishing Touches

    • Blend tape edges seamlessly so no ridges show under clothes.
    • Check results in lighting to ensure natural, seamless look.
    • Secure with nipple covers and occasional tape strips for longevity.
    • Avoid moisture and friction which can loosen tape grip.

    how to tape breasts for cleavage

    Dressing for Success

    Now it's time to flaunt that taped cleavage! Opt for outfits like:

    • Plunging necklines - Show off your handiwork.
    • Push-up bras - Enhance lift under clothes.
    • Bandeaus and strapless tops - Keep neckline and décolletage exposed.
    • Structured dresses - Contain breasts for minimized movement.
    • Low friction fabrics - Prevent loosening of tapes.

    Avoid high necklines, substantial fabrics that rub, and constrictive garments suppressing your beautiful boob job.

    Additional Taping Tips

    • Change tape daily to let skin breathe and prevent irritation. We talk more about this in our articles "Is boob tape safe?" and "Is boob tape reusable?"
    • Avoid getting tape wet as moisture breaks adhesive bonds.
    • Remove tape slowly and gently to protect skin. Use oil if needed. Read more in our guide on how to remove boob tape
    • Check taping under different lighting to perfect the look.
    • Keep an emergency cleavage tape kit for touch-ups on the go!

    Final Thoughts

    With the right taping techniques and products, you can enjoy gorgeous cleavage confidently - no plastic surgery required! Just be mindful of skin sensitivity, properly remove tapes, and flaunt your fabulous assets. Go get 'em, bombshell!

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