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    What's Boob Tape?

    What's Boob Tape?

    If you've glimpsed a celeb rocking a plunging dress on the red carpet or spotted boob tape for sale online, you may be wondering - what exactly is this magic product? From how it works to how to use it, let's cover all the ins and outs of boob tape. 

    Boob Tape Definition

    Boob tape refers to a specialty adhesive tape designed specifically to be applied directly onto the breasts. It consists of a lightweight cloth or paper backing coated with a skin-safe glue. When attached properly, boob tape can:

    • Provide lift and support for breasts
    • Enhance cleavage by drawing breasts together. Find out how in our article on tape for breast cleavage
    • Allow wearing backless, strapless and low cut styles without a bra
    • Help fill out the top of cup sizes
    • Create a smooth contour under clingy clothing

    Unlike industrial tapes, boob tape is made from gentler materials suitable for the fragile skin of the breasts and nipples.

    If you are looking for a reliable and comfortable boob tape that can give you the support and lift you need, you might want to check out BSX Boob Tape. This product is designed to be gentle on your skin, waterproof, sweatproof, and easy to apply and remove.

    How Boob Tape Works

    Boob tape uses simple principles of physics and design to alter the shape and position of breasts. We've covered all this in more detail in our guide on how to use boob tape, but the gist of it is this:


    The tape's adhesive formulation clings directly to breast skin, forming a “second skin” layer of support. We talk more about this in our guide on boob tape for sensitive skin.


    Strategic tape placement creates tension that lifts, draws together, or reshapes the breasts.


    Tape applied underneath and around the breasts helps counteract the downward pull of gravity. Check out how this works in our article on how to use boob tape for big boobs


    For small breasts, tape can be used to gently compress and enhance size for the look of bigger boobs. Read our guide on how to tape your breasts to look bigger

    Boob Tape Benefits

    Why has boob tape become such a cult fashion favorite? Here are some of its advantages over bras:

    • Works for strapless and backless styles where regular bras aren't an option. Check out our guide on boob tape for backless dress
    • Provides support and lift without bulky bra cups or straps
    • Creates cleavage and maximizes what you've got. Learn how in our guide on how to tape breasts for cleavage
    • Offers versatility for different necklines and body shapes
    • Lets you go braless comfortably under clingy or sheer fabrics
    • Is reusable - each application lasts for several wears
    • Is comfortable when sized and applied correctly
    • Allows you to wear trendy barely-there styles confidently! Check out our guide on how to tape breast for deep V dress for tips and tricks!

    whats boob tape

    How to Apply Boob Tape

    Using boob tape takes some technique:

    • Clean and dry breast skin thoroughly before application.
    • Apply nipple covers first if desired.
    • Lightly powder skin to help tape adhesive grip.
    • Anchor tape at tops of breasts and apply downward in inward direction.
    • Use cross strips under breasts for maximum lift.
    • Smooth gently but firmly as you apply tape.
    • Check results in lighting and reinforce as needed.

    For more information, check out our detailed guides on how to tape up boobs and how to remove boob tape

    Caring for Your Boob Tape

    • Change tape after 8-10 hours max to avoid skin irritation.
    • Remove gently and slowly using oil or remover wipes if needed.
    • Allow skin breaks overnight or between wears.
    • Store tape in sealed packaging to prevent glue drying out.

    You might also be interested in learning about the lifespan and reusability of your boob tape in our guide on is boob tape reusable.

    Final Thoughts

    Boob tape offers a simple sticky solution for fashion dilemmas like plunging necklines, backless dresses, strapless tops and going braless. With proper selection and application, it can comfortably enhance your cleavage and shape. Just follow the techniques for optimal lift and support without compromising skin health. Go give boob tape a try!

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