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    Body Corsets and Shapewear

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    Women’s body-shaping leather corsets continue to rule the fashion corridors. Though they came into existence in 16th century Europe, their popularity hasn’t dwindled even now.

    Body SculptorX brings the latest designs in body shaping corsets and shapewear for women to your doorsteps.

    Be it colors, sizes, or types, we have options that fit your modern wardrobe. We stand by the premium quality and unbeatable prices of our products. Let’s shop now!

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    Frequnetly Asked Questions

    • 1. Do corsets work to reduce waistline?

      Yes, but only as long as you wear them. Corsets can make your waist look super thin like inches are chopped off. All that is temporary. However, if you do waist training on regular basis and consume a healthy diet, you may see a gradual reduction in the waistline.

    • 2. How are body corsets and shapewear different?

      Body corsets are traditionally used to shape the body for an evening gown or dress. They create a slim waistline impression using its compression control fabric and special features.

      Whereas shapewear is meant to hide the sagging skin on the stomach, thighs, butt, and back. They are more like a body-toning solution below the waistline.

      One may use them interchangeably as they build an impression of a slim and sexy silhouette. But they are different.

      At Body SculptorX, we house both body corsets and shapewear at great prices online. Shop with us.

    • 3. How do full-body body corset tops work?

      Full-body corset tops are worn to create an hourglass figure. They are tight-fitting and come with adjustable features like hook and eye clasps. If you buy the right size and tight it correctly around your torso, a body corset can reduce the waist by 2-3 inches.

    • 4. Are body corsets bad for the body?

      Not exactly. They are based on the principle of creating body compression and that’s why many consider it unsafe.

      We are a brand that’s dedicated to women’s style and safety. We engineer body corsets and shapewear with flexible features that allow you to reduce the compression if the wearer finds it uncomfortable.

      They are comfortable and breathable to wear every day and not just for parties. Also, we recommend you buy the perfectly-fitted body corset only. Do read the sizing guide for more information.

    • 5. How to wash the body corsets?

      Body corsets are better hand washed in cold water with mild detergent. If you happen to use a machine, run it on a gentle cycle. Do not use bleach or harsh chemicals.

      Always read the product label for washing instructions.

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